Business Insurance

As a Business Owner and responsible Employer, Business Contingency & Continuity Planning is always an important aspect of business. We understand the importance of ensuring a company will continue to operate, even in the event of sudden loss of the owners or key-personnel. We help companies to custom-made and structure Keyman Policies, Buy-Sell Agreement and Personal Guarantee Insurance to mitigate the business risks.

On the other hand, as a company who appreciates loyal & long-serving employees, the question of how should we reward these employees and ensure retention is always challenging to answer. Hence, by understanding the needs & objectives of the organization, we will help design a golden hand-shake scheme that every employee is looking forward to when they retire. A well-design scheme is not only ensure talent retention, but it will also boost the morale of the organization without over-stretching the financial resources of the company.

Business Insurance

– Keyman

– Personal Guarantee Insurance

– Buy-Sell Agreement

– Corporate Pension

– Employee Benefits Scheme

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