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Cyber&Data Protection Insurance For Singapore SME

Cyber insurance aims to protect companies against Internet-related risks. More specially, it protects against risks related to information technology infrastructure and activities. These risks are usually not covered by professional indemnity policy or commercial general liability insurance.

Any professional person or consultant providing advice or other services is exposed to claims of a “Cyber&Data Protection Insurance For Singapore SME” nature. If a party suffers loss after relying on the advice of a professional, he/she may have the right to sue for the loss. Professionals require cover to help protect them against the potential financial burden of litigation and to help protect the reputation of their practice, their personal integrity and their personal assets. Cover for legal costs and expenses is important as litigation involving professionals is often complex.

It is imperative that professionals have access to specialised and quality legal representation to safeguard their interests in the most effective way. Cyber&Data protection Insurance is the solution that provide professionals with the confidence to face the challenges of business. Should they be faced with litigation or prosecution, they can be assured that we can help protect and support them.

Cyber insurance provides first-party coverage against losses due to data destruction, extortion, theft or hacking. The policy indemnifies the company against legal lawsuit following a breach of private information or defamation as well as expenses incurred to recover data, provide security audit, or post-accident public relations and investigations expenses. The policy may also cover criminal funds reward if requested.

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