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Succession & Contingency Planning
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Succession & Contingency Planning

Many businesses fail when the key-person no longer around, is your business immune to such unexpected events? Do you know what will happen if you lost one of your shareholder? Many businesses fail because they fail to plan, let us help you to workout a solid Business Succession & Contingency Plan.
Professional Indemnity
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Professional Indemnity

Any professional person or consultant providing advice or other services is exposed to claims of a “professional indemnity” nature. If a party suffers loss after relying on the advice of a professional, he/she may have the right to sue for the loss. Professionals require cover to help protect them against the potential financial burden of litigation.
General Insurance
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General Insurance

Would you like a professional advice from an Insurance Specialist? Are you sure your current insurance meet the regulatory requirement & your company business needs? Let our professional advice & high service standard gives you the peace of mind that you are looking for.
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Welcome To Business Insurance

Welcome To Business InsuranceAs a Business Owner and responsible Employer, Business Contingency & Continuity Planning is always an important aspect of business. We understand the importance of ensuring a company will continue to operate, even in the event of sudden loss of the owners or key-personnel. We help companies to custom-made and structure Keyman Policies, Buy-Sell Agreement and Personal Guarantee Insurance to mitigate the business risks.

On the other hand, as a company who appreciates loyal & long-serving employees, the question of how should we reward these employees and ensure retention is always challenging to answer. Hence, by understanding the needs & objectives of the organization, we will help design a golden hand-shake scheme that every employee is looking forward to when they retire. A well-design scheme not only ensures talent retention, but it will also boost the morale of the organization without over-stretching the financial resources of the company.