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Media has been particular these days about the professional asset management of various securities and assets. From different institutions to private groups and collective investment schemes, managed funds extremely increased particularly in retired savings and discretionary investment funds for the sole purpose of ensuring investment goals.

With too many opportunities, investors still do not lose their mind to the probable winding off of their investments. Since a lot of changes can happen with regard to the economy, from the regulations to the pressures and market demands, a higher need for competitiveness and stability of investments rise. In this sense, investment managers seek insurance programs that will provide them protection as they reach higher heights and take deeper risks in business.

At this point, insurance solutions that equals to the difficult setting of funds management is a need. Solutions that will be favourable to investment managers considerate of their state and priorities and at the same time, flexible and expansive to their choices.

We offer insurance solutions with the following scope:

The insurance covers:

  • The investment manager and the company
  • Former, current and forthcoming acquired subsidiaries
  • All directors, offices, employees and other stakeholders (past, present and future)

The insurance will cover:

  • Mistakes, exclusions, misstatements, neglect, breach of trust or duty by the one insured while executing or failing to execute proficient services to clients.

The insurance has the following features:

  • It covers civil, criminal, investigative and regulatory proceedings and written demands counter to the insured.
  • It covers claims brought by or on behalf of the clients / customers.
  • Insurance is also available for wrongful acts done by the insured or by any parties the insured has vicarious liabilities.
  • It covers extended reporting period.
  • It covers severability of all exclusions for insured individuals.
  • It covers severability of the proposal form.
  • It automatically covers of certain newly created subsidiaries.
  • It has no prior acts exclusion.
  • It pertains to no retroactive date.
  • It can automatically “run off” cover for deprived subsidiaries.
  • It can automatically “run off” cover for insured when acquired.
  • It has multi-year policies.
  • It advances Defence costs preceding the final disposition of a claim.
  • It has a world-wide cover.


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